Fire Company Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Flyer Template

Offer small prizes or certificates for the winning team and encourage local businesses to sponsor the event or donate prizes. Increase fundraising potential by hosting a raffle or auction alongside the trivia event, with proceeds going to your fire department. Not only will the trivia night generate funds, but it will also educate participants about fire safety and create a stronger bond between the fire department and the community. One of the most effective no-selling school fundraising ideas is local partnerships. Collect donations from local businesses, ask them to sponsor events that your school is planning, or sell advertising space at your sporting events. A popcorn sale is a perfect church fundraising idea to treat your congregation of all ages.
Even better, you might include reusable coffee mugs from each location so that the individual also has a set of mementos from the unique experience. Try to secure some good seats and auction the tickets off for your church fundraiser. For best results, be sure to consider the music that your congregation is partial to—whether that’s traditional, contemporary, indie, or even Christian hip hop. Fire station tours aren’t only an exciting field trip, they can be an excellent auction prize.
If the men in your community are willing to participate, you can host a “Beard Challenge” to raise money for your cause. This fundraiser works well for military or veteran-related causes. Sell raffle tickets to your supporters at an event like an auction or gala. Then, draw the corresponding numbers out of a bowl or other container throughout the night.
Get your coworkers out of the office, into some rented shoes, and onto the lanes for a charity bowl-a-thon! You can mix it up by allowing your bowlers to choose their own charitable cause. This is a fun, easy-to-execute fundraiser that will take your staff back to their childhood! Much like the privilege of wearing jeans to work, many employees will do pretty much anything under the sun for a prime parking spot. Start a team and offer a month (or even a full quarter) of reserved parking for the top fundraiser.
Tap into your supporters’ love of hotdogs and host your own hotdog eating contest. That’s why a pet treat or toy sale can bring in a ton of revenue for your organization. Make homemade treats and toys or partner with a local pet store to secure products for your sale.
For this fundraising idea based on the spirit of appreciation, you’ll need a few community sponsors. Ask them to sponsor your event and provide the materials your participants will need to make and write thank-you letters to local veterans. Raise money and set your supporters up with a heartfelt Mother’s Day present using this easy fundraising idea.
You can customize your online giving page to match your church’s colors and brand and include it on your church website. You can then promote your new giving page in other marketing avenues and even in services during the offering. Even if Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas has experienced and capable fundraisers, an independent consultant will prove invaluable to your efforts. Professional church fundraising consultants provide expert guidance based on plenty of firsthand experience.
Charge a certain price for the set menu and have volunteers help prepare the food. Have a classic hog roast – a surefire delicious way to raise money that can be done as part of a larger fundraising event or as a stand-alone occasion. No summer is complete without one, and what better cause to plan a BBQ than for your next fundraising event! Recruit volunteers to cook, buy burgers, sausages, buns, veggie skewers, and more wholesale and sell them to your guests.
Then, each person will have a few minutes to assemble their paper airplane. From there, each participant will launch their airplane and see how far it goes before landing. Have the competition’s loser give a small donation to your organization. To succeed with a checkout fundraiser, make sure you have a way to collect both cash and credit card donations. On the day of, sell concessions and branded bowling merchandise at your tournament. You could spice things up even more by having a major donor give a certain amount of money to your organization each time a participant gets a strike.