7 Free Fundraising Sites Rated: Find the Right One and Raise Money for Free Cool Fundraiser Ideas

Content marketing is an often-overlooked strategy to combat mid-campaign drop-offs. Consistent, relevant content is key to keeping your campaign top of mind for donors. If done right, quality content can build brand recognition, help you grow your donor pipeline, and keep donations rolling in consistently throughout your campaign. Content marketing is an excellent strategy for cultivating and retaining donors. Our brains are wired for visual information; people process images 60,000 times faster than words. Online fundraising sites are powerful tools to help you fundraise.
Donors have the option to become monthly donors or even dedicate their gifts to a loved one. Oahu SPCA’s donation page stands out for its sleek and thoughtful design. The page includes a picture of a cat and a reminder of the organization’s mission at the top. Below that are suggested donation amounts a donor can select, as well as an option to make the donation a monthly contribution. Then there are two clear sections a donor must fill out to complete their donation.
This eliminates the need for in-person fundraising events and makes it easier for people to give, no matter their time zone. The BetterWorld platform offers a single place to manage every campaign you need to run for your nonprofit. Streamline operations with a central hub for auctions, raffles, and ticketing.
Mark’s colleagues raised RM35,066 to help his son, Micah, who was diagnosed with stage 3 Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. Technically capable charities wishing to build their own donation/fundraising systems. Charities looking for a modern platform to connect with philanthropic businesses. Additional funding is concentrated in areas where The Good Exchange has funder support (mainly West Berkshire and North Hampshire with a few funders in other parts of the UK. See list here). Through this partnership, Donately users gain access to the industry-leading database of employer giving program information, complete with more than 20,000 companies and subsidiaries.
Whether you’re meeting a donor for coffee or hosting an event, you can use this app to collect information and accept donations. GiveWell is a nonprofit that is funded by donors who choose to support our mission. Cool Fundraiser Ideas don’t take any fees from donations directed to charities we recommend, nor do we receive any fees from charities for being featured on our site. GoFundMe is best suited for individual fundraising efforts, however, potential donors. Raise might not be able to help someone looking to pay their medical bills, create a technology startup, or prepare a batch of potato salad, but Snap! Raise is the best fundraising option design for high school and club sports teams and educational programs.