12 Back-to-School Fall Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Let’s not beat around the bush, sometimes it’s just best to ask for the donation. Done right, this is the fastest and easiest way to raise needed funds. That’s what crowdfunding is all about – reach out to your friends and family for a hand.
Let participants pick up the jar and turn it around to get a closer look. If a sweet-n-savory variety is more your style, our Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser is the perfect choice. Eight exciting flavors like Jalapeno Cheese and Chicago-Style are sold by the bag for $12 each, making this an affordable option for a range of budgets. Let your community have some old-fashioned fun and display their creativity in a kite contest. Consider hosting a pucker-up challenge during your fall festival, or accept donated pairs of shoes as votes in the challenge. Donor recognition walls, plaques, and signs are an excellent way to ensure continued support and build stronger relationships in the community.
Raise more money by selling other snacks and drinks at the cake walk. Keeping middle school students excited and looking forward to a successful fundraiser is one of the key ways to manufacture that success. One of the best and easiest fundraising ideas we’ve come across, is the discount card fundraiser.
easy fundraisers for schools can also set up a silent auction, where people can bid on the artwork. This is a great way to get people involved and raise money for your school. To make your battle of the bands fundraiser even more successful, you can partner with a local venue. This will give you a place to hold the event and it will also help to promote it. Make sure to advertise the event well in advance so people have time to plan to attend.
This church fundraiser works best for development projects such as building an auxiliary building, repairs on your main building, or rebuilding the front pathway. The famous “Buy One, Give One” concept, popularized by TOMS, is a straightforward and inspirational way to fundraise. Make sure you have a way to collect the funds and provide receipts for your donors.
Sell tickets online, and then raise funds by setting up a stand for a bake sale with treats like hot chocolate, brownies, popcorn, and candy. Wholesalers offer discounted food and drink, so you can make a profit on your snack sales and make your moviegoers happy, too. Our website has dozens and dozens of fundraising ideas that work for middle school, high school and elementary school too. Feel free to look at the hundreds of articles that we have to get ideas for your middle school.
Alongside sharing school fundraising ideas, we will be also sharing the best fundraising practices to help you get the most out of your fundraising. Purchasing raffle tickets is one of the best Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas for schools. It can be as complex as winning a romantic date night that a student can take their Valentine on. This could be used with your high school students, and you can charge more per raffle ticket. While fundraisers play an important role in bringing in funds to schools, having to sell items can be a challenging task to overcome.
Think of a couple of activities and games to entertain the kids and keep them all in one location. You can have a theme for your art show and have students from all years create and submit art for the show. Or you can also keep the best art from the entire year and then organize the show. If your school isn’t big enough, try a local sports center, a library, or a town hall. Encourage children and parents to paint the rocks and write encouraging and positive messages on them.
During the event, students and teachers can take part in the karaoke. To have a successful fundraising event, you would need to match your school’s fundraising idea with the age groups or grades of your students belong to. In this article, we will share different fundraising ideas you can explore with school children in various grades and age groups.
And if you’re a parent or member of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), you can raise money on behalf of your student or school any time of the year with the ideas below. Here are the school fundraising events and activities we give an A+. Get outside and enjoy the changing season with one of the more active fall fundraising ideas.